We want to encourage young people to make informed choices at the European Parliament elections and learn more about topics that are relevant for young Europeans. Therefore conventions are being organised along the topics of the EU Youth Agenda where participants learn about the functioning of the EU and discuss how  to become active citizens. As a result of each convention, they will draft recommendations and discuss them with politicians.

November 2018

Employment and Entrepeneurship, hosted by AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca (Applications Closed)

December 2018

Creativity and Culture, hosted by AEGEE-Passau (Last 5 places!)

Education and Training, hosted by AEGEE-Warszawa (Applications Closed)

February 2019

Participation, hosted by AEGEE-Düsseldorf

Social Inclusion, hosted by AEGEE-Tartu

March 2019

Youth and the World, hosted by AEGEE-Utrecht (Applications Open)

Health and Well-Being, hosted by AEGEE-Sofia

April 2019

Final Conference, hosted by AEGEE-Torino

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