Published on August 7th, 2018

“When I got the opportunity to give the YEP basic workshop in Passau, I was at first a little bit hesitant because – first – I had barely given a workshop before and – second – I didn’t know much about the European Institutions at all. But I really liked the idea of informing other young people about how this complicated and abstract European Union works and how it has developed so far. And so I took up the challenge!

I prepared myself with reading the toolkit and the provided information about the European institutions and EU history, which gave me all the input I needed. That helped me a lot to be less nervous when I started the workshop with presenting the most important European institutions.

After that, the workshop became more interactive. We played a game similar to “Who am I?” where the participants tried to find out which milestones of European history they presented and, to make it not too easy, they also had to align in chronological order. But the part that was the most fun was a quiz that was already prepared on Slido. The participants and I really liked the colourful design and the music. And the questions weren’t boring at all, but a great way for the participants to check what they have learned and remembered, and also to compete against each other.”

Written by Anna Süß

Communications Manager

Anna is studying Media and Communications in the city of Mannheim in Germany. She is 21 years old and an AEGEE member for almost two years now. Having been active mainly on the local level, she wants to experience working on a bigger project on the European level and therefore joined Y Vote as a Communications Manager. She wants to inform people about their right to vote and the possibilities to choose from beforehand, especially in the European Parliament elections, so that they can become active citizens.