You want to help us motivate the European youth for the EP elections? With your help, we can spread the news also in your city!

What can you do? From a simple street action, to giving a workshop, organising a discussion or even a whole action week – whatever you are interested in is possible! Get inspired below by what others have done!

Motivated but you don’t have the right idea yet? Further below you can also find many materials that support you, whether you want to inform about the functioning of the EU, discuss the importance of voting or engage young people in the dialogue about current political topics.



Planning an election night party in Passau

AEGEEans from Passau are planning a big election party for the EP elections. Want to know what they are planning? Read about their ideas and motivation here!

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Benni’s panel discussion

You have always wanted to organise a panel discussion, but don’t know how to? Benni from Aachen did it and shares his experiences! Read to see how it went.

Read the whole story!

You want to organise something yourself? Get inspired by the materials below and contact us to tell us your idea!

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How to participate?

Want more? Links to useful material

Ask your Grandma!

Citizenship Pizza WS

PR Materials

Europe Week Suggestion

Street actions and other fun stuff

Simulating the EU

Discussion Formats

Fishbowl Discussion

How to use Slido?

How to invite a speaker?

Recommendations for interaction with Members of the European Parliament

Advocacy and Policy Workshop

No Democracy without Participation

European Institutions – Advanced

European Institutions – Basic