You are interested in organising a whole week filled with European events? Here is our suggestion for how it could look like:


Get everyone started with campaigning on a bus to find out how many people in your city know about the EP elections! Some AEGEEans tried it in Tallinn, read how it went.


Before going on, everyone should be on the same page. So give a workshop on the EU institutions! We have a basic and and advanced version for you.


Now that everyone has some knowledge, let the discussions start! Invite a professor or politician for extra fun. Read how Benni from AEGEE-Aachen organised a panel discussion. We also have info on how to invite a speaker and how to organise a fishbowl discussion.


By day four, everyone should be in the mood for another fun street action. Check out our examples and choose the best one – or make up your own!


End of the week? Almost! Why not organise an after-work Cultural European Night? Everyone brings some food from their home region and a big feast is about to start. Everyone from the same town? Let people choose the country with their favorite food 😉


Let’s get serious again! Elections are about to happen – but political participation can be much more than voting. What influence can we have as a citizen, and what do your participants think about voting? Our workshop about participation is just what you need!


Last day! Why not end the week with a brunch? And to top things off, invite an MEP! Either just have an informal chat or check out the other discussion formats we gathered for you.


Additional info a.k.a. Money, Money, Money:

The EP is giving extra funding for organising a European Youth Week. Get in touch with your National Erasmus+ agency to get more info, specific for your country!