We strive to help young people make an informed choice and motivate them to participate in the 2024 European Elections. Raising awareness about common European values and the role of the European Parliament in our daily lives represents a cornerstone of the Y Vote Project. We also believe in the young people’s potential to get involved in the democratic process and become multipliers in their communities. Therefore, we want to encourage youth to participate in the 2024 European Elections by not only exercising their right to vote but also getting involved in civic engagement activities to have a wider impact among fellow Europeans.


Do you know how you will use your vote for the #2024EUElections? Here is a tool to help you decide!

With almost one week left until the hashtag#2024EuropeanElections, do you know how you will use your vote? European University Institute launched EU&I – an online tool to help you make an informed choice when voting next week. Learn more!

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We took Y Vote to the European Parliament

During the weekend of 11th to 14th of April, we took our project to Brussels and took part in two amazing events! We started with a kick-off event of the European Youth Week, organised by the European Commission, and then the LevelUp! event by the European Youth Forum. Check out this article to learn more about our participation in these events!

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Poland chooses EU over PiS: what the latest Polish elections mean for Europe

Polish elections. The crucial votes of young people, women, and a new Polish record of nearly 75% turnout. What does it mean for Poland and the EU? What do we know about the newly forming government? Check out our new article to be informed!

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All together for European Elections 2024

In October 2023, our colleague Andreas, the External Relations Manager of Y Vote, took part in the “All Together for European Elections 2024” event that was organized by the European Parliament in Brussels. Check the article for more insight into the event!

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