European Parliament Liaison Office (EPLO)

AEGEE-Europe has an official partnership with the European Parliament for the European Elections 2019 campaign. Moreover, AEGEE-Europe has been awarded with a grant by the DG COMM of the European Parliament for events and communications related to the European Parliament elections in 2019.

Thanks to this partnership, you can contact your local EPLO (European Parliament Liaison Office) and ask for support for your local action of Y Vote.

You can receive:

  • free materials (such as pens, notebooks, brochures, flyers, small publications)
  • free rooms
  • speakers for your event (personnel of the Liaison Office)
  • volunteers to help you organise an event or similar

Regarding the last point, the EPLOs are coordinating the network of volunteers who signed up on the platform This Time I’m Voting and expressed their interest in taking actions for the European Parliament campaign. You can ask your local EPLO to be put in contact with this pool of volunteers: they can help you in organising your local action and they could even become members of your antenna!

Here you can find more info about the EPLOs in general, as well as contacts of the one in your country.