Do you want to bring youth from all across Europe to your city and debate key issues about the European Union? Then organise a Y Vote Convention! The Conventions are a tradition of the Y Vote Project, a space for learning and discussion which help young people deepen their knowledge and share their view on key issues affecting their daily lives.

What is a Convention?

Conventions are European events, organised in one or more cities across Europe, from February to May 2024, by AEGEE Locals or other partner organisations. These are 1-4 days events, open to young people all across Europe. They usually include thematic workshops on a specific topic, which are created by the Y Vote team or in collaboration with the organisers themselves, and social activities. The Conventions are the perfect opportunity for youth to learn more about a topic, share their opinion and meet other like-minded young people.

Our agenda for Europe

The best thing about Conventions is that young people can participate in European events focused on a specific topic, issues that have a significant impact on youth all across Europe. In each edition of Y Vote, we choose some topics to discuss, based on existing priorities in Europe. For 2024, we decided to deepen our knowledge and hear youth’s opinions on the following topics:

If you are interested in any of these topics and you want to organise a convention, contact us! The Y Vote Project Team will support you in your journey with the organisation of the event, promotion, fundraising, thematic workshops and inviting relevant speakers and building local and national partnerships.

If you want to join a convention, stay tuned for more details on our website and social media channels!

Join our upcoming Convention!

Do you want to organise a European Event? Contact us!