Sofia, Bulgaria


Centuries ago the wise Romans said: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, meaning ”a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Trying to achieve this balance, being a student or young professional and taking care of your body could feel like an impossible goal. Health and well-being issues such as anxiety, depression, burnout, high stress and mental illness are rising amongst young people in recent years in Europe. As a result, mental health is identified as one of the next big discussion topics concerning young people in and outside of Europe.

This convention on the topic of “Health and Well-being” aims at achieving better mental health support for young people – in and out of marginalised socially excluded groups. At the same time, the stigma around mental health issues will be tacked, and the social inclusion of all young people in the civil society promoted. Policy makers and experts with an interest and knowledge in the subject are be invited as panellists.

Based on the workshops and exchange with policymakers, participants will draft recommendations about the topic of Health and Well-Being. These will be combined with all other convention results and then be presented to stakeholders: Our Agenda for Europe.

The Y Vote Project aims to empower young people to make informed choices at the European Parliament elections while developing the needed knowledge about topics that are relevant for young Europeans. To reach this goal, seven conventions, corresponding to the topics of the EU Youth Agenda, are organised. As a participant, you will learn about the functioning of the EU, Health and well-being in the EU and discuss how to become active in society.

Date: 21st – 24th of March 2019
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Fee: 50€
Travel reimbursement: Up to 90€*
Organisers: AEGEE-Sofia, Y Vote and AEGEE-Europe

The results are out!


  • Workshops, discussion, drafting recommendations & more
  • Accomodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • A chill social programme with cultural dinner

Learning points:

  • How do the EU institutions function together?
  • What does the EU have in store for supporting young people in achieving better physical and mental health?
  • How can I take part in shaping the EU of tomorrow?
  • How could I interact with politicians?
  • What other ways do I have to get to know more about the EU?


  • A set of recommendations for our agenda for Europe on the topic of mental health and well-being in the EU
  • Your ability to be a multiplier and inform people on the European Parliament elections 2019
  • 40 new friends from all over Europe

The participants selection will be done with all organising entities, and the results be shared within 7 days after the application deadline. We encourage all young people, AEGEE members and not, to apply for this event.

This convention is part of the project “My Europe, My Say!”, which is made possible with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

*Travel Reimbursement up to 90€ can be provided  to participants residing in Austria/ Belgium / Bulgaria / Croatia / Estonia / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Italy / FYROM / the Netherlands / Poland / Romania / Slovenia / Spain / Turkey & France.


Elitsa Hadzhieva

Financial & Fundraising Manager

Elitsa is a 25 years old political scientist from Bulgaria that loves to talk a lot and sometimes is about serious topics like the European Union, Structured Dialogue and elections. Right now she is finishing her Master’s degree in European integration and diplomacy in the EU with the topic of youth policy-making in the EU and the Structured dialogue process. Her first ever AEGEE event was a Y vote debate on the topic of compulsory voting in Sofia in 2014. One year later she became a member of AEGEE-Sofia motivated by a charming Italian Summer University and 3 years later she is the president of her local, part of the current Y vote project team and having no free time and other interests in her life.

Florian Wagner

Voting Guide Manager

Florian is a student of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz with a focus on International Administration and Conflict Management, currently residing in Leuven where he takes part in the Erasmus program. He holds a bachelor degree in Political Science from the Otto-Friedrich-Universität in Bamberg, where he first got in touch with AEGEE in 2013. His belief in the importance of democratic participation was the driving force for his decision to take over the position as Voting Guide Manager within the Y Vote team.

Monika Mojak

Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe