About Local Actions

Do you want to help us motivate the European youth to participate in the upcoming European Elections? With your help, we can bring Y Vote to your city! We believe that anyone anywhere can start an activity which falls under the scope of the Y Vote project. Our goal? Motivate people to vote for the 2024 European Elections, encourage youth to use their voice and foster a European sense of identity.

Bring Y Vote to your city!

We want to encourage young people, individually or in groups, to think about what they can do on a local level to bring the 2024 European Elections closer to the people in their surroundings. We will organise together what we call Local Actions which are an essential part of the Y Vote project. Local Actions are local or national events, initiated by young people, with a diverse format, from workshops, panel discussions, and book clubs to pub quizzes, cultural exchanges or street actions. You can organise one!