Published on August 28th, 2018

“I had the opportunity to visit Tallinn, and talk with local people to see how we could get people informed on the European Parliament elections. We planned to go on the streets and get to know what people know, and to see if it’s too early to talk about an election that is almost a year ahead. How to approach this – do we need a stand, do we play games, do we do a flashmob?


What happens if people come sit next to you in a bus and just start talking to you about their passion? You can’t escape! This happened to Merilyn, the president of AEGEE-Tallinn. She introduced the very simple concept: When you get in a bus (or other public transport), you talk to the person next to you about the European Parliament elections. You do this for one or two stops, then you get out.


Surely, one has to jump over their own shadow to start talking to strangers, but participants were eager to try – and so they did. What a very simple concept and a bunch of young enthusiastic people can do!


Now, your way to university or work can become way more interesting. Are you up to the challenge?”