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Did you ever want to start a campaign, organise an event or launch your project but you did not have the resources or support to do it? Join the Y Vote Ambassadors Programme, a community where your ideas can turn into reality! Our goal is to support youth with a lot of motivation and potential to become changemakers in their community, to launch their activities around the Y Vote pan-European campaign surrounding the 2024 European Elections.

Be part of a vibrant community

Join other like-minded young people across Europe, immerse in a multicultural experience, learn, volunteer with other youth from AEGEE-Europe, and build bonds that will have you saying, "See you somewhere in Europe!"

Join a pan-European campaign

Join a project organised by one of the biggest youth organisations in Europe. Dive deep into topics like the European Union, the importance of voting, gender equality, climate change, fake news or youth political activism.

Ambassadors Programme

Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp

Learn how to kickstart your own local activity or event! Join the online bootcamp to gain practical skills that will help you prepare, promote and turn your ideas into reality. What’s more, we will work together on your local action already during the training..

Civic Engagement Activities

Start organising your local action back in your city. Make your project happen, mobilise others to participate in the 2024 European Elections and begin or continue your journey as a changemaker in your community.


The Ambassadors Programme is an initiative of the Y Vote Project where young people across Europe can join the pan-European campaign organised by AEGEE-Europe around the 2024 European Elections. The programme is dedicated to youth across Europe (not just the European Union), interested in one of the main topics of this year’s edition. It is mainly organised for young people who want to get actively involved in volunteering and organise an activity in their community while joining a European campaign and a community of like-minded people. The project is organised by and for young people and consists of two steps:



Once you are accepted to the programme, you can join the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp. This is an online training taking place during the weekend of 23-24 March 2024, and consisting of interactive and participatory sessions. Don’t worry! We won’t keep you in front of your screen from sunrise until sunset!

In this online training, together with the other ambassadors, you will learn more about our project, and refresh your knowledge of the European Union, thematic topics and the upcoming Elections. You will also acquire some practical skills that will help you prepare, promote and execute your idea. What’s more, we will work together on your local action already during the bootcamp.


After the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp, you will join a vibrant community of youth just like you! You will keep in touch online and together with our team and other volunteers from AEGEE-Europe, you will start planning your local action. By the beginning of June 2024, with our help, you have to organise a civic engagement activity in your city – it can be anything, from a campaign, or online podcast to a workshop, panel discussion, or event with your high school/university with your colleagues or a street action.

As Y Vote Ambassador, you will represent our project and encourage others to participate in the upcoming 2024 European Elections! You will also raise awareness about a topic that you are passionate about. During this time, you will promote your activity with our support and at the end, you have to also fill in a short report about it.


Apply using the form by February 29, 23:59 CET!


* The programme is open to anyone that’s interested in our topics and in raising awareness about the importance of voting, fake news and disinformation, the representation of women and minorities in the decision-making process, climate change, youth political activism or European integration, regardless of whether they are a citizen of an EU country or not.


Since the Y Vote Project is an initiative made by volunteers, as part of a non-profit organisation (AEGEE-Europe), yes! The entire programme is free and it is the result of the motivation and efforts of other volunteers just like you! This is also why the ambassadors will organise their activities voluntarily, with possible support from fundraising for their activity.

After applying, we will do our best to select 15-20 ambassadors within 2 or 3 weeks. You will know the results in time to participate at the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp. You will then be expected to organise a local action by June 2024 and join the reporting period shortly after that time. The programme should not last longer than July 2024.

That is entirely up to you! The only limits are your creativity and the topic that has to be connected to European Elections. If you seek inspiration, think about: Pub Quizzes, debates, discussions, writing articles, handing out flyers and brochures and many many more…

Of course, the Ambassadors Programme is open to both experienced and new individuals. You will learn the ropes of organising activities during the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp and we will always be there in case you need help.

We require all Ambassadors to participate in  the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp but if you’re unsure yet, apply through the form and leave a comment there with your doubt or reach out to us directly via email. We will be very happy to talk to you!

You shouldn’t worry about that at all and apply immediately. We will refresh our knowledge about the most important parts, procedures and functioning of both EU and EU Elections. You will have a possibility to ask all the questions and doubts you have. Furthermore, after the Bootcamp you will always have us and a group of peers to reach out to and ask anything you will need!

Yes! We’re aiming to create a community of young changemakers to help each other, learn from each other and meet new people.

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