Published on March 20th, 2019

In Passau, where one of the first Y Vote conventions took place in December 2018, the enthusiasm for the European elections is growing and growing: At the university a group of motivated students has come together to organise a big election night party on campus on the 26 of May! In 2016 students organized a big election night party on the occasion of the US presidential elections. The event was a huge success – and we thought if something like this is possible for elections in which the big majority of us aren’t even able to participate, why not do something similar the 26 of May?

Involved are:
The student representations of the different faculties
AStA (general student representation at German university)
the chair of European Politics
the organisers of a big conference about politics (Passauer Politiktage)
the Young European Federalists
the local students’ magazine (Blank)
Jusos (youth party of social democrats in Germany)
And, of course, AEGEE Passau

We will start at 17:00 p.m. and the program will go until 00:00. There will be:

  • Open spaces
  • small group discussions about different current topics in European politics, moderated by experts from the chair for European politics
  • A panel discussion with experts from different scientific backgrounds who will comment on the results of the election
  • Discussion with representatives of the different youth parties who will comment on the election results
  • Food and drinks, European buffet
  • Information desks about European Union and Europe-related organisations
  • Live broadcast of the projections of the election results
  • Possibility for visitors to vote online through Slido, results will be projected on the wall
  • Photo box
  • A wall for comments on the elections and wishes for Europe
  • European merch products

There is still a lot of planning to be done, rooms need to be booked, funding opportunities have to be found, speakers have to be contacted… But we are all really excited about the event and looking forward to raising awareness of the most important elections this year!