Have you ever wondered what the EU was like in the beginning? How was voting in the first EU elections in 1979? Either ask your own grandparents, or invite someone who experienced this time to a discussion round! Maybe an alumni remembers how the EU was like in the first years of AEGEE?

Possible discussion questions:

  • Which political topics were prominent then? What was discussed in European politics?
  • Which topics are still reality? Which are still on the agenda?
  • What has changed to the better since then? What to the worse?
  • Which challenges do you see for the EU and its cititzens?
  • What was your best/ worst experience at a border? (Holiday, border protest, Schengen, inner-/outer european border)
  • How was the first EU elections in 1979?
  • What was moving young people then? What moves young people now?
  • What do you wish the EU and its citizens for the next 50 years?
  • What advice would you give to us young people?