You want to organise a discussion, but find panel discussions too boring for your participants?

A fishbowl discussion is good to generate interaction between participants and let them discuss a specific question. For this, there should be two circle of chairs, where the inner one has less chairs than the outer one. Only the people in the inner circle are allowed to speak, the outside listens. If a person from the outer circle wants to speak, she/he has to get up and ask one person from the inner circle to exchange places. Good discussion questions are open questions (Why?, How? What if?…) which could also bring a concrete outcome like a list of ideas or recommendations that can be put into practise.

Depending on the amount of participants, slightly different versions can be used. Keep in mind that the bigger the group it, the less each single person can be involved in the discussion actively. Therefore, adding tools like slido may be good for bigger groups (see version 3 in the download material)

You can find descriptions of how a fishbowl discussion works with or without speakers in the download material below! Also find an introduction to the online tool Slido there!

"In June, over 8000 young people travelled to Straßburg to participate in the European Youth Event 2018. Y Vote was there too! We held a fishbowl discussion about the interaction with young Europeans and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)."
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