We strive to inform people in Europe, especially the youth, in order to equip them with the needed knowledge and to encourage them to be engaged in the democratic process in the future. We are therefore motivated to increase the participation and youth engagement in Europe and want to increase our understanding of the EU, tackle mistrust and apathy amongst the citizens through peer-to-peer education.


Our Agenda for Europe

During the last election period for the European Parliament, the participation of youth was disappointingly low. Only around 28% of young people went to the ballot boxes and made their voices heard through the casting of a vote.

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Results of the Final Conference

It seems like just yesterday, we finished our series of Conventions with our Final Conference. We have had eight events since November 2018, and it’s time to wrap-up and reflect.

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Recommendations on Health & Well-Being

Health and well-being have a direct and very visible impact on everyday life. It became visible during the Convention on Health & Well-Being, that especially Mental Health is not yet enough in the focus of policies and talked about in societies. The various existing policy measures concerning health were discussed and it was made clear that the EU already tackles many issues such as tobacco or nutrition. Still, the discussions underlined that there are many health issues to solve still, such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

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Recommendations on Youth & the World

Human Rights issues are not easy to tackle and there are many different areas to talk about. During the convention, the participants gained insights into various of these areas, to become aware of how many discussions and problems there are in Europe when it comes to Human Rights. Most dominant were discussions about the situation in Hungary and Poland, the Rule of Law, the situation with migrants in Europe, women’s rights, as well as Equal Rights, but also Human Rights how the EU can and should react to Human Rights violations outside of its borders.

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