We strive to inform people in Europe, especially the youth, in order to equip them with the needed knowledge and to encourage them to be engaged in the democratic process in the future. We are therefore motivated to increase the participation and youth engagement in Europe and want to increase our understanding of the EU, tackle mistrust and apathy amongst the citizens through peer-to-peer education.


Results Booklet

Two years, more than 140 Skype sessions, seven Conventions and a Final Conference. Workshops in 20 Countries and an app ahead of its time. Time to recap and close our Slack channel for good.

On this page, you find our Results Booklet. Filled with information, facts and background stories, which we hope will give you an insight into what happened during our Campaign.

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Three Takeaways for Voting Regulations in the European Parliament Elections

Until the elections in May, the web version of our application How to Vote reached over 23.300 people, with a peak of 1.427 users on a single day (20th May). The immense amount of work that has been dedicated to the creation of our informational platform has paid off. Through our work on the topic, the Y Vote team would like to advocate for its ideas and demands with decision-makers. In order to facilitate voting procedures and therefore engage people in the democratic process we found three steps that should be taken.

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Our Agenda for Europe

During the last election period for the European Parliament, the participation of youth was disappointingly low. Only around 28% of young people went to the ballot boxes and made their voices heard through the casting of a vote.

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Results of the Final Conference

It seems like just yesterday, we finished our series of Conventions with our Final Conference. We have had eight events since November 2018, and it’s time to wrap-up and reflect.

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