We strive to inform people in Europe, especially the youth, in order to equip them with the needed knowledge and to encourage them to be engaged in the democratic process in the future. We are therefore motivated to increase the participation and youth engagement in Europe and want to increase our understanding of the EU, tackle mistrust and apathy amongst the citizens through peer-to-peer education.

Our agenda for Europe

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Recommendations on Employment & Entrepreneurship

Youth Employment rates differ greatly among the EU countries. As members of AEGEE we are concerned about the future of young people regarding their employment. Young people are living in a fast changing world which influences their employability, not only affecting individuals but also society and Europe as a whole. In a changing world, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship will become more and more important. Existing initiatives and programs which aim to promote and increase employment and entrepreneurship are not very well-known. We see the need of the EU to take action to further promote employment and entrepreneurship and to prepare young people for their future in the labour market or as an entrepreneur.

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Why European Parliament – The results

The European Parliament and other institutions within the European Union are important, but for many not easy to understand. In our efforts to reach and educate young people about the functioning of the European Parliament, we have reached over 20.000 people monthly, and increased knowledge on the European Parliament and the elections in 2019 significantly.

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Voting should be easy

I’m an Italian living in Brussels, how do I vote? This question – or at least in a similar way – will come to the minds of many European Union citizens. But why? The European integration has brought forward many achievements that have had an impact on our daily life. For example, for citizens of its member states, it has never been as convenient as today to study, work or simply live in another country of the European Union. These freedoms provide unique opportunities and play a crucial role towards the formation of a European identity.

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It’s International Day of Democracy

Why democracy sucks „Why democracy sucks“, you’ll ask. „How can you say such a thing? We live in the best political system.“ Oh no, we don’t, I would say. Democracy sucks! Every 2 years I have to vote and decide between more or less the same parties and people, that in the end will not make a difference to me, will disappoint me and disregard their promises made before the elections.

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The European elections – united in diversity

The procedures for electing the EP are governed both by European legislation which indicated ground rules that are common to all Member States. The main part of the elections depends on specific national provisions which vary from one state to another. When we talk about the European elections, we are thus truly talking about different elections: on different days, with different candidates, and different elections systems. So, what is the premise that the EU law gives to the nation states, and how do they treat it?

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