Published on July 12th, 2018

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📌 MEPs propose measures to combat mobbing and sexual harassment 🗣💪
📌 Cybersecurity Act: build trust in digital technologies 💻🔐📡
📌 European Parliament and Eurovision sign partnership for European Elections 🤝👥🎬
📌 EU budget for 2019: Council agrees its position💶⚖️
📌 MEPs back measures to reconcile career and private life 🤰👩‍💻🙋‍♂️👶

MEPs propose measures to combat mobbing and sexual harassment 🗣💪
➡️ Sexual harassment victims should be helped to report cases and perpetrators should face sanctions, say Women’s Rights MEPs in a draft report adopted on Tuesday. The draft report urges the EU Commission to come up with a new definition of “public space”, reflecting evolving communication technologies and the rise of ”virtual” public spaces such as social networks and websites, which have created more possibilities for harassment and violence at every level of society.
🔜 The own-initiative report will be put to a vote in plenary during the September session in Strasbourg.

Cybersecurity Act: build trust in digital technologies 💻🔐📡
➡️ A new certification framework for connected devices, together with a stronger role for the EU Cybersecurity Agency, were backed by Industry Committee MEPs on Tuesday. In summary: Safer “smart” appliances and connected (Internet of Things) devices for EU consumers; A stronger European Cybersecurity Agency; Minimise risks and threats to information security and network systems;Increase cyber resilience
🔜 The draft report, approved by 56 votes to 5 with 1 abstention, will constitute the EP's position for the negotiations with the Council, if it is approved by the full house during September's plenary session.

European Parliament and Eurovision sign partnership for European Elections 🤝👥🎬
➡️ European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and European Broadcasting Union President Jean-Paul Philippot today signed an agreement to ensure wide coverage of the European Elections.
The deal also includes the organisation of a debate between the lead candidates to become President of the European Commission.

EU budget for 2019: Council agrees its position 💶⚖️
➡️ On 11 July 2018, EU ambassadors agreed the Council's position on the 2019 EU draft budget in advance of negotiations with the European Parliament.
In total, the Council foresees €164.1 billion in commitments and €148.2 billion in payments for next year’s budget. Compared to 2018, this is a +2.09% increase in commitments and +2.34% increase in payments.
🔜 The Council is expected to adopt formally its position at the beginning of September. This will then serve as a mandate for the Austrian presidency to negotiate the 2019 EU budget with the European Parliament.

MEPs back measures to reconcile career and private life 🤰👩‍💻🙋‍♂️👶
➡️ Employment Committee MEPs today approved paternity leave, non-transferable parental leave and measures to boost women’s chances in the labour market. The draft rules set minimum requirements for member states, in a bid to boost women’s representation in the workplace and strengthen the role of a father or an equivalent second parent in the family.
🔜 The text was adopted by 34 votes to 14 with 4 abstentions. Three-way negotiations with the Commission and the Council, which has already reached its common position, should start in September.

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Written by Nadia Deis

Project Officer

Nadia is one of two project officers of the “YEP: Why European Parliament” project. Before working for AEGEE, she worked in the Directorate General for Communication in the European Parliament, and after for a Danish Member of the European Parliament, while on the side writing her master thesis on “Local level Europe”. She holds a master degree in Public Administration and a bachelor in EU Studies, and have ground game experience with national EU campaigns.