Published on November 8th, 2023

In October 2023, our colleague Andreas, the External Relations Manager of Y Vote, took part in the ”All Together for European Elections 2024” event that was organized by the European Parliament in Brussels.

The event’s primary aim was to empower participants from various sectors of society, including civil society, youth-led and cultural organisations, and get ready for the upcoming EP elections campaign. This was also a great opportunity for future collaboration for the 160 organisations involved in the campaign.

As you probably already know, Y Vote is also ready to encourage youth to vote in the upcoming European Elections and actively participate in their communities. Therefore, this event was a great source of inspiration, featuring motivating speeches, informative presentations, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking discussions with fellow participants and organisations.

During the event, we also gained valuable insights about the platform. If you haven’t used it before, you have to try it! The platform allows people from all of the European countries to sign up and get involved in changing the EU together. There you can find all the events happening in your area that you can take part in and many other resources, available in all EU languages.

As the events for the 2024 European Elections campaign are underway, more is yet to come! After this event, we feel even more motivated to do it all Together for the European Elections 2024. We can’t wait for more and we are already looking forward to the next event! Our team is ready to develop skills and knowledge so that young people can make informed choices when voting, empower them to take an active role and involve youth in the democratic process. Join us on this journey! 

Together, we develop, empower, and involve.

Y Vote 


Joanna Tobjasz

PR & Communications Team Member

Joanna is a Polish student, studying International Relations in Kraków. She joined AEGEE Kraków to become more connected to Europe, travel, meet interesting people, understand and learn more. This association allowed her to do all these things and in 2023 she was happy to join the Y Vote project as a PR & Comms Team member. Unfortunately, she didn’t vote in the past elections because of her age but she’ll vote in the elections in 2024. Joanna decided to join Y Vote to help young people learn more  about the EU and inform them about the importance of their vote because she sees how crucial it is to appreciate all the ‘benefits’ of living in an EU country.