Member of the European Parliament

Ivan Štefanec joined the European Parliament in 2014. He is a member of Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection where he focuses on SMEs, employment, entrepreneurship, (digital) single market and red tape reduction.

Prior to joining the European Parliament, he was member of Slovak parliament (National Council of the Slovak Republic) and Vice-Chairman of the Committee for European Affairs (2012-2014).

In 2004, when Slovakia joined the EU, he was appointed Government plenipotentiary for the introduction of the euro currency in Slovakia and he held the post for two years.

Before entering politics, Mr Štefanec worked in Coca Cola, first as a Financial Director and then as Managing Director for Coca-Cola Beverages Slovakia. Later on, he became Director for European Integration for Coca-Cola HBC in Vienna.

MEP Štefanec holds a degree in English language from the Comenius University, Bratislava and a degree in IT and Management from University of Economics, Bratislava. He has a MBA for managers from CE Europe from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY and a PhD in Economics from the University of Economics, Bratislava.

Ivan Štefanec is a sport enthusiast. He enjoys running and cycling. After joining the EP, he cycled 1,200 km to his new work place from Bratislava to Brussels for 9 days.