Published on December 16th, 2018

While creativity enriches our lives, culture builds the basis of a society. Through cultural exchanges, citizens get to know each other better in Europe. As youth we are concerned about the status of creativity and culture in political decisions, especially when young people are affected.

We see the need for a better cultural education and to make culture more accessible and interesting for young people. For young professionals in the cultural and creative sector it is really hard to establish trust in their abilities and to build up a career, due to a lack of support and appreciation by societies for people trying to make a living in the field. Further, we see a lack of media cooperation to present the different cultures in Europe, which would help to create dialogues and foster European integration through mutual understanding in the long run.

Therefore we, the participants of the Y Vote Convention about Creativity & Culture, propose the following recommendations:

Facilitate cultural education
We strongly encourage the EU to educate EU citizens on culture through methods of formal and non-formal education.

Increase accessibility
We strongly encourage the EU to improve accessibility of cultural institutions by supporting digitalisation, new technologies and favourable pricing, in order to include all people, especially people with disabilities, children and the young.

Increase dialogue
We strongly encourage the EU to stimulate the advocacy processes with citizens by promoting and informing about the existing opportunities of active citizenship.

Promote the transnational exchange of media content
We strongly encourage the EU to support cooperation between media entities of different European countries in order to foster cultural diversity by exchanging and creating contents together.

Foster creative mobility
We strongly encourage the EU to promote and support more mobility opportunities for emerging creative professionals in order to share best practices, promote innovation and inspire them to develop their personal career.

A platform to connect
We strongly encourage the EU to create a online platform to connect emerging and established creative professionals with the cultural industry, in order to provide mentoring for emerging creative professionals and create common projects offline.

Provide subsidies
We strongly encourage the EU to establish a program to offer economic support to emerging creative professionals who demonstrate particular talent and motivation in any field, in order to support their work and stimulate the creative industry in Europe.

Drafted by
Alberto Corsini, Alina-Denisa Begeaca, Chris van Dijk, Daya Morales, Diego Frizziero, Edina Knabe, Gergely Molnár, Jan Postek, Karlo Lončarević, Magdalena Wasilewska, Mariam Tsagurishvili, Nazlı Ece Baltepe and Stephan Dieng.

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