Published on November 28th, 2018

Youth Employment rates differ greatly among the EU countries. As members of AEGEE we are concerned about the future of young people regarding their employment. Young people are living in a fast changing world which influences their employability, not only affecting individuals but also society and Europe as a whole. In a changing world, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship will become more and more important.

Existing initiatives and programs which aim to promote and increase employment and entrepreneurship are not very well-known. We see the need of the EU to take action to further promote employment and entrepreneurship and to prepare young people for their future in the labour market or as an entrepreneur.

Therefore we, the participants of the Y Vote Convention about Entrepreneurship & Employment, propose the following recommendations:

Promotion of existing programs
We strongly encourage the EU to create a common transversal platform which connects all existing EU programmes, in order to increase the visibility and unify the application process.

Banning unpaid internships
We strongly encourage the EU to ban unpaid non-compulsory internships, to make them accessible for all young people, regardless of their social, economic and educational background.

Skills certificates
We strongly encourage the EU to provide language and soft skill certificates for the youth participating in EU programmes in order to improve trans-national recognition of their skills.

Start-up program
We strongly encourage the EU to launch a new Startup-Programme in form of a specific online and personal support tool, so young entrepreneurs can find strategic, legal and financial advice by experts.

Drafted by Mauro Bellani, Benjamin Battke, Daniel Maita, Dina Gugeshashvili, Grützner Fabian, Alessandro Visconti, Javier Godoy, Alberto Perea Pérez, Dora Besenyei & Violeta Vasile.

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