Published on November 11th, 2018

“AEGEE-Warszawa cooperates with the City of Warsaw on many fields. Here are their descriptions:

Venue rental

While the public transport case is an individual deal between AEGEE-Warszawa and the City, next ones are city programs, dedicated for NGOs in general.

For organizing workshops etc. the City offers space. Often it’s done not directly from the hall, but from local halls of the districts (little administrative info: the City of Warsaw is divided into 18 districts, being administered like little towns creating a region). Often these venues are citizens’ initiatives, created in order to increase civic activity or to have space to realise some hobbies. Other possibilities are NGOs and foundations having such venues – the City allows them to promote themselves at their website. Others, like AEGEE, have thanks to the city a great database. Finally, the City and the districts themselves have the venues.


As mentioned above, the City offers its website to promote the NGOs and their activities. However, this is not the only possibility. One of most interesting ones are the screens on public transport. Organisations can promote by this way not them itself, but their initiatives. All we have to do is send the multimedia (picture or little video) around month before the event. For a week before the event it will be presented for the passengers of buses, trams, trains and the subway.

Money support

The City opens many contests for initiatives that might be awarded with such supports. Usually there are different ones for different kinds of events, so the participating ones can be compared and the best ones chosen. Also the districts open the contests – so called “little grants”. However in their case, they cannot afford such big range of topics – they fund only initiatives from particular, described by them thematic. “


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