Yes, we stole that line from “How I met your mother”. But we are curious whether you have already met your mayor– have you?

We think that meeting your mayor can be very beneficial – for you, for your local, for your city. For Europe. That is why we drafted a manifesto with pro-European statements which a representative of a municipality can sign. By this the municipality pledges to carry out activities which improve the participation of youth in society connected to areas of the EU Youth Strategy.

But where to start with this? We thought you will have questions so we prepared an Advocacy toolkit for you. It explains each step of contacting the municipality and some experiences of AEGEE-locals who are already in touch. Additionally, it explains how to use the Y Vote Manifesto. With it you can reach your municipality and help us reach out to many!

Interested? Here’s your checklist:

  1. Download and read the toolkit to find more info about this project.
  2. Get in touch with your mayor.
  3. Have a look at the manifesto and agree on points that your city may implement. You can also add your own ideas for promises the city can agree to.
  4. Adapt the manifesto by deleting the parts you don’t want, or check the boxes of the ones you want and have your mayor sign it.
  5. Send a copy of the signed version to us!



AEGEE-Bologna and their mayor

AEGEE-Bologna is enrolled in the List of Free Associations of the Municipality of Bologna since December 2015. But it’s been two years since we deeply start cooperating with a special section of the Municipality of Bologna,

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AEGEE-Warszawa and their mayor

AEGEE-Warszawa cooperates with the City of Warsaw on many fields. Getting venues, promotion and money support.

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Do you need more information? Or do you want to tell us about your contact with your mayor? Please write to us! We want to gather as many signed manifestos as possible to make the impact visible!