We organise conventions corresponding to the topics of the EU Youth Agenda where participants learn about the functioning of the EU and discuss how to become active in society. As a result of each convention, participants draft recommendations and discuss them with politicians.

The following results will be brought to our final conference in April 2019, which will happen in Torino, Italy. Together with other NGOs and participants from all over the continent, we will gather all recommendations from all Conventions into one Youth Agenda for Europe.

Recommendations on Education & Training

Education and training in Europe have long been a matter for discussion. Even though the nations have various systems in place, there are common strands that they all follow. In this continuously changing world the education systems are taking too long to change and adapt to the skills and knowledge required by both students and teachers. Only a few existing programmes are well known and they need to be significantly improved. We would like to see the European Union supporting its member states in preparing their educational systems for a future world that will rely on educators and those pupils to be prepared.

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Recommendations on Creativity & Culture

While creativity enriches our lives, culture builds the basis of a society. Through cultural exchanges, citizens get to know each other better in Europe. As youth we are concerned about the status of creativity and culture in political decisions, especially when young people are affected. We see the need for a better cultural education and to make culture more accessible and interesting for young people. For young professionals in the cultural and creative sector it is really hard to establish trust in their abilities and to build up a career, due to a lack of support and appreciation by societies for people trying to make a living in the field. Further, we see a lack of media cooperation to present the different cultures in Europe, which would help to create dialogues and foster European integration through mutual understanding in the long run.

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Recommendations on Employment & Entrepreneurship

Youth Employment rates differ greatly among the EU countries. As members of AEGEE we are concerned about the future of young people regarding their employment. Young people are living in a fast changing world which influences their employability, not only affecting individuals but also society and Europe as a whole. In a changing world, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship will become more and more important. Existing initiatives and programs which aim to promote and increase employment and entrepreneurship are not very well-known. We see the need of the EU to take action to further promote employment and entrepreneurship and to prepare young people for their future in the labour market or as an entrepreneur.

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