People can vote in the European Parliament elections in every member state of the EU – so we will be present there, too. We want to support local organisations all over Europe to organize discussions, workshops and street actions. These should increase their members’ knowledge of the EU but also to reach out to young Europeans in their cities and inform them about the importance of voting in the EP elections as well as give them the chance to actively engage in the dialogue about current political topics.

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Benni’s panel discussion

You have always wanted to organise a panel discussion, but don’t know how to? Benni from Aachen did it and shares his experiences! Read to see how it went.

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AEGEE-Bologna and their mayor

AEGEE-Bologna is enrolled in the List of Free Associations of the Municipality of Bologna since December 2015. But it’s been two years since we deeply start cooperating with a special section of the Municipality of Bologna,

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