Ambassadors Programme

Did you ever want to start a campaign, organise an event or launch your own project but you did not have the resources or support to do it? If you have an idea of a possible initiative which could raise awareness about the importance of the European Union and mobilise people to vote in the upcoming 2024 European Elections, then join the Y Vote Ambassadors Programme! The Y Vote Ambassadors are a crucial part of the project without their help the project will not be able to reach as many young and interested people. Our goal is to support youth with a lot of motivation and potential to become changemakers in their community, to launch their activities around the upcoming European Elections.

Who are we looking for?

The Y Vote Ambassadors are politically engaged members of their community or youth interested in the European Union who want to promote voting among their peers. They are young people across Europe who share our common European values and who are affiliated with an organisation, or maybe youth who have never been involved in volunteering activities before, but are interested in getting involved!

Join the Ambassadors Programme!

The open call for the Ambassadors Programme will be launched in December 2023. Follow our channels for more information & if you are interested in joining, you can fill out the form below!

The Ambassadors Programme

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? You can show your interest in the form above and our team will contact you as soon as the open call we’ll be launched. Once we launch the open call, youth across Europe will have the opportunity to join the programme.

Join a vibrant community

As an ambassador, you will join a vibrant community of like-minded young Europeans who are not only interested in organising activities in their community but also in collaborating with others. You will meet other ambassadors across Europe and collaborate throughout the programme. Together, you will share ideas, support each other and even collaborate in events if possible.

Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp

Since our target group is also youth who have no experience with organising activities on their own, we will organise an Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp. The online training event is scheduled to take place in February 2024, it will consist of several sessions throughout two weekends (Don’t worry! We won’t keep you in front of your screen from sunrise until sunset). During this event, together in a multicultural environment, you will be trained and empowered to become a Project Ambassador. By the time you will start planning your activity, you will already have the skills and knowledge necessary to make it happen.

During the bootcamp, you will learn more about our project, and refresh your knowledge on the European Union, current affairs and the upcoming Elections. You will also acquire some practical skills that will help you prepare, promote and execute your idea. What’s more, we will work together on your event already during the bootcamp, learning the ropes on how to create your own local action!

Youth-led civic engagement activities

An important part of the Ambassadors Programme will be the organisation of youth-led civic engagement activities. After participating in the Advocacy & Campaigning Bootcamp, the ambassadors will have the opportunity to implement their own initiative locally, by organising activities such as workshops at schools and universities, demonstrations, round table discussions, street actions or online campaigns. As Y Vote Ambassador, you will represent our project and disseminate the project’s objectives by encouraging young people to exercise their vote in the upcoming 2024 European Elections!

The Y Vote Project Team will assist ambassadors at all stages and help look for possible collaborations within the Ambassadors’ communities, for example, by putting them in contact with AEGEE Locals or other organisations nearby. The engagement activities organised by Ambassadors are expected to happen between February and June 2024 and will be shared in our channels.


  • You decide how much time you can put into being the Ambassador and organising your event.
  • At no stage you will be alone, you will be a part of a vibrant community of Ambassadors interested in the topic and willing to organise their events. The Project Team will also always be there for you.
  • As Y Vote is an AEGEE-Europe Project, there is a possibility to collaborate with AEGEE locals, youth-led local organisations within our network.
  • Every Ambassador is expected to take part in the Bootcamp, carry out at least one event of their choosing and fill out a short report after their event.